As a Business and Life Coach it is imperative for me to provide practical help to positively transform business goals and the lives of individuals and help them attain success. I have an understanding that many clients might get to a point in life where they feel that they are not happy with where we are, or who they are. That on its own can eat away confidence and self-esteem which has huge bearings. As a coach I use different techniques to assist the clients in raising their confidence levels and self-esteem.

About Anele

I use a solutions focused approach to my coaching practice. Given my background, I often adopt a positive-psychology philosophy as my tool. I use a suite of coaching models and tools expanded over the years in my academic studies, the skills acquired during my time in the corporate world and my life experience. The values that I hold dear and bring into my practise are Respect, Accountability, Inclusivity, Ubuntu and Integrity.

Who Needs Coaching?

Everyone! To continue succeeding in life, it is a must that an individual grows and face changes that come with our everyday challenging lives. It is coaching that helps individuals grow and succeed by providing skills to better understand the changes and challenges individuals face or need to take on in order to continuously grow and live a successful and meaningful life.

Upcoming Events

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Why Does One Need A Coach?

Life Coaching is not the same as Counselling?

The difference between Life Coaching and Counselling is that whereas counselling looks at the past, life coaching focuses on making practical and positive change now. Research has shown that we gain very little from going over old aches and pains, feeling bad, getting angry and ascribing guilt. Life Coaching helps clients take charge of their situation and make positive changes.

“As a life coach I am not a psychiatrist although I do have two degrees in Psychology. I will help improve your personal and/or professional life by offering support and encouragement while suggesting new ways to achieve your goals. I focus on forming a partnership than anything else with you/your family/partner/spouse/children. My support system comes with one goal in mind: improving your quality of life.”

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