How To Upskill

How To Upskill

In today’s fast-paced business world, upskilling is crucial to your career development. Here’s how to upskill.

Upskilling involves acquiring additional skills and increasing your capabilities. It allows you to have more career options and become more of a key player in the workplace. Today, an employee stays with an employer for an average period of two years, which illustrates that upskilling is important as it will increase your job opportunities and chances of being promoted. Higher qualifications and additional skills could also result in an increase in remuneration with both current and future employers. 

In tough economic times many companies are resizing and/or restructuring. As businesses look to become more cost-efficient and effective, it is often employees whose skills are out-dated and no longer needed that feel the effects. Ensure that you can show your significance to an organisation by having various skills to offer.

Here are my recommendations to upskill.

Have a defined career plan

This will act as a guide to where your career is headed, allowing you to identify the gaps in your skill set and find ways to improve your capabilties.

Read more

Reading articles and newspapers keeps you abreast of what is going on, not only in your industry, but in the world. Reading helps feed your imagination and improves your spelling and vocabulary.

Register for a course

There are many online courses that could help you improve your skill set, not only in your field, but you could choose to learn something completely new. Educational platforms such as Coursera offer free or low-cost courses from top universities such as Yale and Princeton.

If you are employed, many companies offer optional internal learning courses. Don’t pass up an opportunity to learn as it will show that you are motivated and value your job.

Take up a hobby

The more active your body is, the more active your brain is and the happier you are. Not only will a new hobby challenge you, you will learn a new skill and reduce your stress levels.

Get a life coach

Different people require different types of motivation and support to reach their goals. Life coaches help people to look at their careers holistically and to increase their potential.

Learn a new language

With globalisation making such a huge impact on today’s business world, speaking more than one language is likely to open big business doors.

Improve your communication skills

The ability to speak effectively in public and write a business document are vaulable skills in the workplace. If this is a weakness of yours, consider doing a soft skills course and get plenty of practice.

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